Real financial scenarios. Real outcomes.  
Learners develop the skills to solve real financial problems in their own lives. 


Forward Vision Games (FVG) is an educational technology company and social enterprise. FVG creates financial simulation games that teach financial skills and build financial capacity in people and communities. FVG has focus on Indigenous students and First Nations across Canada. 

We work with schools, entrepreneurship programs and Indigenous teams to implement programs that create capacity in people, businesses and communities. Our games are experiential, action-oriented and designed to help learners make better financial decisions in their own lives. 

Our games can be used in-class in high-school and post-secondary environments, and are well-suited to achieving learning outcomes in courses such as business, entrepreneurship, leadership, and economic development. Our games are also used in entrepreneurship programs to teach financial skills to emerging entrepreneurs. 

Meet The Team

Meaghan Daly
President and Founder

Meaghan has a background in finance and over 7 years experience working on Bay Street as a trader for major banks & financial institutions. She has a passion for financial capacity building, the Capital Markets and the growing Indigenous economy. She is focused on making a major social impact while building a strong company.

Kris Ariganello
Senior Developer

Kris is a full stack developer who loves to experiment with new technology and expand her knowledge base. She excels with, JavaScript, as well as core design. Her commitment to learning, continuous improvement and project management sets her apart from the average code jockey

Martin Crawford
Tech Advisor

Martin is a full stack server side developer with over 15 years of experience, much of it spent gathering skills in FinTech. He has a depth practical knowledge of server side development, front-end web development, databases & data modelling, systems integration, quality control and network & hosting infrastructure.

Bronwyn Oatley
Curriculum Design

Bronwyn has provided curriculum development for a variety of educational institutions and social enterprises. In addition, Bronwyn served as a Senior Associate for Studio [Y], a leading Ontario-based Fellowship for young people, where she provided curriculum design, recruitment support, and leadership coaching. 

Monte Solberg
Board of Advisors

The Hon. Monte Solberg, P.C., is a current Principal of New West Public Affairs in Calgary. He was a Member of Parliament from 1993-2008. He is a former federal cabinet minister having served as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration and as Minister of Human Resources and Social Development. He contributed to positive changes in Skills Development, Employment Insurance, Post-Secondary Education Funding, and Aboriginal Housing.

Research & Pedagogy

Discovery-Based Learning
Scenario-Based Learning

Our game deepens student learning and engagement by leveraging scenario-based learning, an approach in which learners gather information and evidence to solve problems related to a narrated storyline. 

Within our game, learners gather information and solve problems related to the management and growth of a small business. By presenting students with a pre-existing scenario, rather than requiring that they leverage personal examples, we help to level the playing field among learners from different financial backgrounds. This help to reduce the cognitive bias associated with learning financial literacy among learners from low-income families. 

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Our game engages learners in financial literacy education through discovery-based learning, an approach that encourages learners to learn by discovering, problem-solving, and doing. 

When using our game, students learn and discover new concepts in financial literacy independently through game-play. This learning is supported by instructor feedback, clarification, and examples. In the delivery of our game, we partner with instructors to effectively scaffold learning, by providing suggested lesson plans, presentations and worksheets. 

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