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The Game

  • Our experiential game is played online, and offers entrepreneurs the chance to make real-world decisions about the management of a local store. 

  • Over the course of the game, while dealing with new business challenges and opportunities, entrepreneurs are introduced to fundamental concepts in financial literacy, including long-term planning, debt, interest, cash flow and more. 

  • Throughout the game, entrepreneurs use essential money management tools, including bank accounts, budgets, and bank statements. 

  • The game provides entrepreneurs with a virtual entrepreneurial experience, enabling them to learn financial basics in a simulated environment, preventing critical real-life financial errors.

Money Management 101 I Finance for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Programs

Participants learn to see finance in motion and how 

to solve real problems

Easy Onboarding

One-on-one onboarding support makes it easy for program managers to use the game with entrepreneurs. Program managers do not need financial expertise to facilitate game use.

Flexible Delivery

The game is delivered online, allowing entrepreneurs to learn at their own pace, when it suits their schedule. Learning is modular and focussed. We teach only what's essential, and won't waste your entrepreneur's time. 

Foundational Content

Your entrepreneurs need to know the difference between debt and equity, how to develop a budget, and how to manage cash flow. Through the game, entrepreneurs will master foundational concepts, preparing them to avoid common financial pitfalls.  

Real-Time Feedback

The Program Manager dashboard allows you to monitor your entrepreneur's progress in real-time. See an entrepreneur struggling? Intervene to support mastery of critical topics. 


Our game is future-focussed. It provides your entrepreneurs with the critical skills and tools they need to see financial challenges and opportunities on the horizon, and plan for success. 


Let's Chat

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