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Executive Education

Executive Training

  • We offer fully customized 2-3 day financial leadership executive education programs for Indigenous Leadership Teams. 

  • Programs offer participants an opportunity to learn proper financial decision-making processes, develop risk mitigation skills, and increase financial communication capacity. 

  • Executive trainings combine in-person workshops with online game play, creating a dynamic learning environment that suits the needs of all participants. 

  • Trainings will enable your team to create long-term financial success. 

Financial Management I Risk Mitigation I Financial Strategy

Flexible Delivery

With both in-person and online delivery methods, your executive program is as flexible and adaptable as the needs of your group. 

Foundational Content

Programs are designed to improve financial skills in a practical, approachable way. Our trainings focus on your learning objectives for maximum impact.

Indigenous Content

Programs are designed with Indigenous leadership teams in mind. We use Indigenous examples and content to optimize the learning experience for your group. 


Learning programs can be as basic or advanced as the needs of your team. Need a refresher on the financial fundamentals? No problem. Need support in aligning your team on long-term financial objectives? We're your team.   


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