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The Game

  • Our experiential game is played online, and offers students the chance to make real-world decisions about the management of a local store.

  • Over the course of the game, while dealing with new business challenges and opportunities, students build financial capacity related to debt-management, long-term planning and more. 

  • Instructors are supported to deliver the game in class through adaptable lesson plans, exercises and worksheets. 

  • The game is well-suited for use in the following courses: Introductory Business, Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship. 

  • The game can also be used in career and student services programs, fostering improved student retention and graduation, and better preparing students for life post-graduation. 

Business I Accounting I Finance Entrepreneurship Student Services

Higher  Education

Prepare your students to succeed

in the Gig Economy 

Easy Onboarding

One-on-one support and straightforward onboarding materials make it easy for instructor to get started. Instructors do not need financial expertise to facilitate game use.

Flexible Delivery

Instructors control the pace of game play, adapting to meet student needs. The game can be the central focus of a course, or used to illustrate a few key concepts – it’s up to you.

Real-World Scenarios

Through our game-based format students are able to connect key concepts in financial literacy, including interest, debt and profit. No more memorizing formulas for exams. Students learn deeply by doing. 

Real-Time Feedback

Instructor dashboards allow you to monitor student progress in real-time. With Forward Vision Games, you create a high-quality, adaptive learning environment.

Remedial Focus

Our game is designed to support students with low financial literacy in getting up to speed fast. We believe all students can master the basics of financial literacy an that we'll be better as a community for it. 


Let's Chat

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