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High School

Foundational Financial Skills

The Game

  • Our experiential game can be played in class, through distance learning or in combination. 

  • Over the course of the game, while dealing with new business challenges and opportunities, students are introduced to fundamental concepts in financial literacy, including long-term planning, debt, interest and more.

  • Throughout the game, students use essential money management tools, including bank accounts, budgets, and bank statements, building essential skills that translate into positive impacts in their lives. 

  • Teachers are provided full resources (lesson plans, slide decks, etc.) and one-on-one support to deliver the game with their class.  

  • The game is well-suited for use in the following classes: Careers, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Business; as well as service-learning environments. 

Careers I Business I Accounting Entrepreneurship

Easy Onboarding

One-on-one support and straightforward onboarding materials make it easy for instructor to get started. Instructors do not need financial expertise to facilitate game use.

Flexible Delivery

Instructors control the pace of game play, adapting to meet student needs. The game can be the central focus of your class, or used to illustrate a few key concepts – it’s up to you.

Curriculum Alignment

Lessons have been built to achieve key financial learning outcomes. We adapt materials to suit your particular curricular objectives for maximum impact.

Real-Time Feedback

Instructor dashboards allow you to monitor student progress in real-time. With Forward Vision Games, you create a high-quality adaptive learning environment. 


The game is designed to advance skills across a broad spectrum learners. 


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